Judging Criteria

The Jury

A to Z: Marvels in Paper Engineering will be reviewed by a team of three jurors.

Monika Brandrup –VP, Creative Director of Up With Paper/Jumping Jack Press/UWP LUXE, which is the largest international pop-up greeting card publisher. Aside from cards, she also leads creative planning and direction for Jumping Jack Press, a pop-up book division that has self-published more than 30 original titles in multiple languages. She is the Strategic Chair for the LOUIE Awards for the greeting card industry, and has been a member of The MBS for over 10 years and a board member for the past 6 years.

Larry Seidman – Larry Seidman, M.D. is an avid collector of antique movable books, games, puzzles, and optical toys, with a special interest in novel mechanicals. He has been a member of the MBS since its inception and served on the board for the past 12 years. He has been a juror for the 23 Sandy Gallery’s two exhibits of artists’ books: Pop-up Now and Pop-up Now-II. Currently, he shares the wonder of pop-ups with his pediatric patients and in schools. His collection of animated paper toys can be viewed at drlar7.tumblr.com.

Bruce Foster – Bruce has been a paper engineer since 1989 and has designed more than 45 pop-up books and nearly 100 other pop-up or papercraft creations for such publishers as Simon & Schuster; Random House; Little, Brown, Co; Up With Paper; Insight Editions; and many more. Additionally, he designed the pop-ups seen in the Disney film, “Enchanted”. With a BFA in graphic design and studio art from the University of Tennessee, Bruce first learned paper engineering while an art director by performing book autopsies (luckily the only blood spilt was his own) on the 1970’s Golden Age books of Intervisual. For the past 28 years he has lived in Houston, TX. His body of work can be explored at paperpops.com.

The jury will announce the awarded “letter” to Paper Engineers via email on 8/28/17.

Note that Engineers will only qualify to be awarded one letter of the alphabet regardless of the number of entries submitted to the jury to ensure a wide variety of Paper Engineers to be featured in the collection.

Judging Criteria

  1. Originality – Does the entry take a unique approach to design, concept, and execution?
  2. Impact – Does the entry have emotional impact?
  3. Design Excellence – Is the overall look of the entry visually appealing? Did the designer make good choices in design and artwork arrangement?
  4. Progressive innovation – Does the entry exhibit innovative techniques and design that resonates with the future of paper engineering?
  5. Production Cost – Is the design cost effective for inclusion and production?