Finalists list finally final!

This post is long overdue and we thank you all for your patience. Hurricane Harvey slammed into Texas on August 26 and caused massive damage across the state. One of our judges, Bruce Foster, lived directly in the path and was flooded out of his house. This was days before the jury was to announce the awarded letters to the entrants. After a brief postponement, all the designers were notified of the results and the 26 designers were selected to participate in the A to Z project.

We are pleased to announce that the final paper prototypes and digital production files were submitted to the MBS for review last month and we can now confirm the list of designers that will be helping us celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Movable Book Society. Thank you to everyone who sent in their designs to the competition; the judges were very impressive by both the quantity and quality of the submissions.

And now, we present to you the finally final finalists list:


A Simon Arizpe
B Camille Magaud
C Peter Dahmen
D Dorothy Yule
E Eric Broekhuis
F Yoojin Kim
G Jess Tice-Gilbert
H Angelo Ferrari
I Lena Ignestam
J Hiromi Takeda
K Rob Kelly
L Courtney McCarthy
M Wai-Yin Kwan
N Kelli Anderson
O Kyle Olmon
P Maike Bierderstaedt
Q Aurore Le Vilain
R Julie Charvet
S Isabel Uria
T Sheila Hirata
U Shelby Arnold
V Damien Prudhomme
W Shawn Sheehy
X Katherine Belsey
Y Tina Yeung
Z Yevgeniya Yeretskaya
Intro Card Bruce Foster
Box Design Isabel Uria

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